Working in Lebanon


1) Skilled Labour


Kenya has an abundant supply of well-trained and skilled labor force. Kenya's education system emphasizes vocational training after secondary schooling. The availability of polytechnics and institutes of technology ensures that institutional graduates have the necessary skills to contribute to industry with minimal orientation. Currently 300,000 Kenyans join the labor market annually. Labor is therefore abundant and educated.

The country has six public universities, five private universities, and several technical and technology institutes. There is therefore, availability of all manpower to any Establishment in Lebanon and neighboring countries.



The following manpower is available at short notice:

Food/Dairy Technologists
Veterinary staff
Agricultural officers
Tourist consultant
Computer experts
Hotels and Restaurants staff



2) Female Domestic Workers


There is a big demand for Female Domestic Workers in Lebanon. Most of these women are recruited from Afro-Asiatic countries and they are at a heightened risk of exploitation.

Several cases have been reported to our Consulate of migrants having fallen victim to deceptive job offers by recruitment agencies. While they agreed to certain working conditions in Kenya, upon arrival they were coerced to work in different occupations, for inferior remuneration and under lower conditions.


The big majority of these women play an important role within families and they contribute significantly to the development of Lebanon; unfortunately some are unlucky and upon arrival their problems starts to become a nightmare, as well for them as for their relatives in Kenya and our Consulate has played a crucial role and succeeded until now to assist finding solutions to these women.

If you are interested in such a job, you should think twice before committing yourself . Take your time, download the attached specimen of the Employment contract ,read it very carefully especially articles 10 & 15 and “Attachments A & B concerning the list of the Domestic Duties and the Schedule of accommodation and facilities” before you decide to sign and to come to Lebanon.

Do not accept to come to Lebanon before signing our official printed contract in English and Arabic which should be also signed by your employer.

Do not depart to Lebanon before you receive our Clearance Travel Certificate.

This Certificate is given to your Agent with our approval letter after a strict control of the employment contract.

Consider domestic work in Lebanon through registered recruiting agents only.


Did you read the Employment Contract for Migrant domestic worker ?

DOWNLOAD the Specimen of the Employment Contract



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Be aware that :

- Your Employment contract is for a minimum period of two years.
- You don't have a yearly vacation to spend in Kenya. It will be compensated by an agreed amount of money
- If you are not familiar with Domestic works you should ask about it first.
- Your Lebanese Employer has paid a significant amount to the Recruiting Agent to bring you from Kenya to Lebanon; if you want to break this contract he will ask you to reimburse him this amount.
- If you are hesitating to come and you need more information, you can contact us either by Mail or by telephone ,we will give you all required information.


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