Filming in Kenya

Filming Requirements

For Personal Use

Kenya is a photographer's dream country, since there is abundant wildlife in their natural habitats, magnificent scenery, captivating avifauna, colorful people, and reliable as well as unlimited sunlight. It is, therefore, not difficult to take memorable photographs even if you are not a professional photographer. A UV or skylight filter is necessary everywhere and a lens hood help reduce the glare.


You may require a good telephoto lens for shooting dramatic close-ups of animals, as well as a camera bag to protect your photographic equipment from dust.

When you are on safari, please always remember that the animals you encounter are not tame and, as such, it is advisable not to get out of your vehicle.


Please avoid photographing the local people you meet while on safari before seeking their permission.

For Professional Use


Filming Requirements


Private production companies or individuals are requested to submit an application.

Click Here to DOWNLOAD the filming application form.

All applications for licenses to film in Kenya are processed by the Ministry of Information and Communications, Nairobi.

Requests for filming licenses should be addressed to:


The Film Licensing Officer

Department of Film Services

Ministry of Information & Communications

P.O Box 74934-00200


Tel: +254-20-650120/1/2/3/501

Fax: +254-20-553003




E-mail: fpd@skyweb.co.ke

Website: www.filmservices.go.ke

The Ministry would like to inform all foreign production companies that Kenya has a considerable number of experienced technical staff in filming techniques. We, therefore, highly recommend that producers should reserve as many places as possible for local crew.

NB: Government agencies may submit their applications through the local agents or through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Deadline for Submission of Applications


Applications to make a documentary or a commercial advertisement are processed on application. Applications for drama and feature films are processed in less than 48 hours.

Documents to be Submitted

   • Formal letter of application.

   • Application form duly completed - copy to be attached.

   • List of foreign crewmembers, giving names, nationalities, passport numbers and date of expiry of passports.

   • Script and synopsis or storyboard.

   • List of equipment to be imported for shooting purposes, the value of each piece of equipment, etc.

This application should be introduced through a local agent registered with the ministry. This requirement is mandatory for all applications to make feature films or documentaries. The ministry regularly updates the list of registered film agents.

The Licensed Filming Agents [2007]

African Latitude Kenya Ltd

P.O. Box 24124-00502


Tel: +254-20-802517

Africapix Media Ltd

P.O. Box 781-00606


Contact: Sam Dhillon

Tel: +254-20-3871470 (office hours)

or 4447518 (after office hours)

Fax: +254-20-3861130 (office hours) or 4441228 (after office hours)

E-mail: africaipix@wananchi.com

Website: www.africapix.co.ke

Al Is On Production Ltd

P.O. Box 39705-00623


Contact: Alison Ngibuini

Tel: +254-20-2718489, 2737666

Fax: +254-20-2737665

E-mail: alison@alisonproduction.com

Alwan Communications

P.O. Box 51841-00200


Tel: +254-20-3873241/6001

E-mail: algo@africaonline.co.ke

Website: www.alwanfilms.com


P.O. Box 27691-00506


Contact: Sally Kiiru

Tel: +254-20-6993000

Fax: +254-20-609518

Website: www.amref.org

Big Pictures Productions

P.O. Box 46804-00100


Tel: +254-20-3001224

Blue Sky Films Ltd

P.O Box 25711


Contact: Jimmie or Mario

Tel: +254-20-3861841, 3877387

Fax: +254-20-3874164

E-mail: bluesky@africaonline.co.ke

Camerapix Ltd

P.O. Box 45048-00100


Contact: Salim Amin

Tel: +254-20-4349273/4/5

Fax: +254-20-4349186

E-mail: info@camerapix.com

Website: www.camerapix.com

Cinematic Solutions Ltd

P.O Box 48452-00100


Contact: Bob Nyanja

Tel : +254-20-2722217

Fax: +254-20-2738164

E-mail: nyanja@mitsuminet.com

Complete Video Ltd

P.O. Box 24448-00502


Contact: Caroline Smith

Tel: +254-20-3871147/0038

E-mail: complete@form-net.com

Capone Associates

P.O. Box 5188

Diani Beach, Mombasa

Tel: +254-40-3202995,


E-mail: capone@wananchi.com

Dinz Images Productions

P.O. Box 3376-00100


Tel: +254-723-582550

Find US in Africa

P.O. Box 15461-00100


Contact: Akira Miyazaki/Stephen


Tel: +254-20-2717653, 564857

Fax: +254-20-564857

E-mail: findusin@africaonline.co.ke

Flash back Ltd

P.O Box 15092-00509


Tel: +254-20-891559/637

E-mail: flashback@wananchi.com

Ginger Ink TV

P.O. Box 39165


Contact: Ginger Wilson

Tel: +254-20-3876103/5731

Fax: +254-20-3875284

E-mail: info@gingerink.tv

Website: www.gingerink.tv

Good News Productions International-Africa

P.O. Box 636-00621

Nairobi (Village Market)

Contact: James Swift

Tel: +254-20-7122042

Fax: +254-20-7122420

E-mail: gnpi-africa@gnpi.org

Guava Productions (K) Ltd

P.O. Box 57118-00200


Contact: Frank Mativo

Tel: +254-20-3004412,


E-mail: guava@roughcuts.co.ke

Home Boyz Entertainment Ltd

P.O. Box 20774-00202


Contact: John Rabar

Tel: +254-20-553943/52

Fax: +254-20-553952

E-mail: info@homeboyz.co.ke

Image Works Productions

P.O. Box 24820-00502


Contact: Mr. Ali

Tel: +254-722-521139

Fax: +254-20-3860552

E-mail: imageworxs@swiftkenya.com

Independent Communications Associates (INCA)

P.O. Box 19687-00200


Tel: +254-20-4446749/50

Fax: +254-20-4446732

E-mail: access@incanairobi.co.ke


International Livestock Research Institute

P.O. Box 30709-00100


Contact: Eunice Lenkoina

Tel: +254-20-4223000

Fax: +254-20-4223001

E-mail: ilri-kenya@cgiar.org

Jack & Shoko Co. Ltd

P.O Box 7796-00300


Contact: Robert Ndetto

Tel: +254-20-216857, 733-809063

Fax: +354-20-2728024

E-mail: ndeto-mwangangi@yahoo.com

Level One Productions Ltd

P.O. Box 11080-00400


Contact: Maureen Waihenya

Tel: +254-20-3874976/0035

Fax: +254-20-3872782

E-mail: info@level1.co.ke

Location Africa Films Ltd

P.O. Box 76677-00508


Contact: Andres Bifani

Tel: +254-20-442339, 4348280

Fax: +254-20-4348892

E-mail: africafilms@africaonline.co.ke

Website: www.locationafricafilms.com

Maniago Safaris Ltd

P.O. Box 43401-00100


Tel: +254-20-4449461/2

Fax: +254-20-4449463

E-mail: infor@maniagosafaris.com

Website: www.maniagosafaris.com

Medeva (Media Development Africa) TV

P.O Box 59835-00200


Contact: Mike Oyier or Polly

Tel: +254-20-557569/70,

734-696741, 722-696741

Fax: +254-20-557585

E-mail: productions@medevatv.com

Moka Film Company

P.O. Box 615


Contact: Ekeno

Tel: +254-721-362769

E-mail: ekeno@mokafilmd.com

On Safaris Production Ltd

P.O. Box 63689


Tel: +254-20-571597, 722-324176

Fax: +254-20-4766224

Pontact Productions (EPZ) Ltd

P.O. Box 64918-00620


Contact: Jenny Pont

Tel: +254-20-8562386/0173

Fax: +254-20-8562133

E-mail: pontact@africaonline.co.ke

Website: www.locationkenya.com

Quite Bright Films Ltd

P.O. Box 1302-00606


Contact: Daniel Prior

Tel: +254-20-4348726

Website: www.quitebrightfilms.com

Roma Agency Ltd

P.O. Box 50-00618

Bruce Hse, 4th floor

Nairobi (Ruaraka)

Tel: +254-20-340820, 4764135

Fax: +254-20-242611

E-mail: rkiundi@roma.co.ke

Sinemasisi Productions

P.O. Box 63404-00619


Contact: Betty K. Furer

Tel: +254-20-3751051,


Fax: +254-20-213456

E-mail: sinemasisi@yahoo.com

Sky Line African Arts and Crafts

P.O. Box 31654-00600


Contact: Chege Mwangi

Tel: +254-20-213589, 722-713553

Fax: +254-20-213456

E-mail: Chegemwangi2001@yahoo.com

Sound & Picture Works Ltd

P.O Box 42004

State House Road


Contact: Sheila Peavers

Tel: +254-20-2714530, 2710173

E-mail: postprod@iconnect.co.ke

The Mediae Company Ltd

P.O. Box 215-00502


Contact: Caroline Mukonyoro

Tel: +254-20-882693/85

Themescape Media Ltd

P.O. Box 10078-00100


Tel: +254-20-3877121

E-mail: themescape@wananchi.com

Ukweli Video Productions

P.O. Box 14465-00800


Tel: +254-20-4446877

Fax: +254-20-4443876

Viewfinders (EPZ) Ltd

P.O. Box 14098-00800


Contact: Jean Hartley

Tel: +254-20-4183582/0869/1157

Fax: +254-20-4180424

E-mail: viewfinders@africaonline.co.ke

Vivid Features Ltd

Contact: Nick Kangethe

Tel: +254-20-333172, 213064

Fax: +254-20-212435

E-mail: vivid@africaonline.co.ke

Waku Waku Safaris Ltd

P.O. Box 58989-00200


Contact: Walter Dibago

Tel: +254-20-218970

Fax: +254-20-3339950

E-mail: wakuwaku@wakuwakusafaris.com

Website: www.wakuwakusafaris.com

World Airport Assistant Services

P.O. Box 16248


Contact: Mbugua

Tel: +254-20-550315, 722-325330

World Vision

P.O. Box 50816-00200


Contact: Peterson Siema

Tel: +254-20-883652

Fax: +254-20-883666

E-mail: wvkenya@wvi.org

Zenj Multi Media Communications

P.O. Box 59539-00200


Contact: Mwangi Maina

Tel: +254-723-829181

E-mail: zenjmultimedia@yahoo.com



A) Filming Rates

Adverts, documentaries, dramas, short features; still photographs 5,000 KSH

Full-length feature films, TV series 15,000 KSH

Daily filming fees 1,000 KSH

B) Liaison Officer's Service Charges

The Ministry charges Ksh. 400 per day to cover Liaison Officer's services provided by a government Liaison Officer, to be attached to the crew.

C) Other Charges

1. Each visitor is required to pay Ksh. 2,000 to the Immigration Department for a special pass before engaging in any film shooting. Artists may, however, arrive in Kenya on a visitor’s pass while the filming special pass is being processed.

2. A nominal non-refundable fee of 1% of the value of the equipment or Ksh 30,000 - whichever is less - is payable to the Customs Department on presentation of a film license.

3. The following charges are applied for any filming in a National Park:

     • Ksh. 8, 000 for five people for one week or part thereof.

     • Ksh. 12, 000 for six to ten people for one week or part thereof.

     • Ksh. 20, 000 for more than ten people for one week or part thereof.

All film-makers/ photographers staying for more than three months MUST register their presence at the Alien Section of the nearest Ministry of Immigration office.


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