Frequently Asked Question

How long does it take to get the visa ?

For Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqi and Palestinians: One to three weeks.

For most other passports : The same day



Must an applicant apply for a visa in person?

Yes, for the first time only. Later, a third party may present/collect all required documents on behalf of the applicant.


Do children need a visa?

Children need a visa if they have their own passport. The fee is the same as for adults. The visa application form is to be signed by the parent if the child is too young to sign him/herself.



If you are visiting Kenya for seven days or less, what kind of visa do you need?

A single journey visa for business or holiday.



When is a transit visa required?

A transit visa is required for visitors who leave the airport or seaport for the specific purpose of traveling to a third country (i.e. to await a connecting flight, or boarding a (cruise) ship, or to travel overland to a neighboring country by bus/car/shuttle). Proof of the connecting flight/cruise or overland transfer is required. The maximum validity of a transit visa is seven days.

Do you need a transit visa if you do not leave the transit zone at the airport while waiting for a connecting flight?



If you have a valid visitor's pass and visit Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and/or Burundi, then return to Kenya within the validity of the pass, would you need another visa?

No. Single journey visas for Kenya are still valid for another entry after traveling to Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and/or Burundi. Please note: the visa is only valid if you do not leave the boundaries of these five countries.


Are passports issued at the Kenyan Consulate?

No, they are issued at the Immigration Office in Nairobi.

How long do passports take to be issued?

Four weeks or more.

Which permit is required if you wish to reside in Kenya without engaging in employment or any work, paid or unpaid?

Apply for a Class K permit directly to the Director of Immigration Services, Ministry of Immigration. You will be required to provide evidence that you have enough resources to reside in Kenya without being employed, i.e. in the form of savings, pension or other income from legal sources.



Which permit do you require if engaging in voluntary work without pay (e.g. for an NGO or school)?

Apply for a Class A permit directly to the Director of Immigration Services, Ministry of Immigration (preferably though the organization that will employ you) before going to Kenya. A permit is required regardless of the duration of the voluntary work.



Which permit is required if you intend to work in Kenya on a paid basis, either for an employer or in business/ trade?

Apply for the relevant permit directly to the Director of Immigration Services, Ministry of Immigration (preferably though the employer/business contact in Kenya) before going to Kenya. For more information on investment in Kenya, check the "Trade and Investment" section of this website.

Is a visa sufficient if you go to Kenya for specific purposes such as study, internship or filming?

No, you also need to obtain a "special/pupil's pass". This can either be obtained on arrival at the airport, upon presentation of the relevant permit/license, or at the Ministry of Immigration in Nairobi/Mombassa.

How can you obtain the entry permit form?

It can be provided by the Consulate on request, or downloaded from this site.

Should money be sent to the Director of Immigration Services with the application form?

No. The Immigration Office will advise when and how much money to pay after the permit application is approved.

Where can you obtain tourist information on Kenya?

From the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB): on the KTB website www.magicalkenya.co


Are any vaccinations compulsory?

No vaccinations are compulsory, with one exception. Travelers over one year old arriving from Central and Western African or Central and Latin American countries where yellow fever is still endemic must get a yellow fever vaccination. Taking malaria prophylactics is advisable, according to medical advice.

When is the rainy season, and should it be avoided when traveling?

There are two rainy seasons, the “short rains” from mid October to December and the “long rains” in April to July, depending on the region. However, this should not stop tourists from visiting. Most of the road network in Kenya is all-weather and the rainy seasons provide an exciting addition to the African experience. For more information on the weather, visit: www.meteo.go.ke

How can travelers ensure that their Kenyan travel agent/ hotel is bonafide?

Contact the Kenya Association of Tour Operators www.katokenya.org or the Kenya Association of Hotelkeepers & Caterers www.kahc.co.ke

Can a Lebanese driver's license be used in Kenya?

NO, you need an International driving License.


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